Not Buying New Clothes For 1 Year? - #XR52 What You Need To Know

I have been banging on about how I want to adopt a more sustainable wardrobe for a little while now. I am sure many of you have heard of the Extinction Rebellion who are an organisation who are trying to make our governments take the climate crisis seriously. I recently came across their proposition of #XR52.

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries. It produces 1.2 billion tonnes of green house gasses per year which is more than all international flights and maritime shipping. Almost half a million tonnes of microfibres and microplastics from clothing during washing which contributes massively to ocean pollution (source). The XR have been challenging the fashion industry to change their ways as have those involved in Fashion Revolution Week but not much seems to be changing.

So what can we do about it?
It’s high time to face up to this industry that is trashing our planet for the sake of money. And if money is their motive, then it’s time to take that away. (Extinction Rebellion)
XR are challenging those who are willing and able to not buy any new clothing for 1 year, until April 30th 2020. By doing so you will both be reducing your own footprint and increasing personal sustainability but also contributing to mass disruption by refusing to contribute to the toxic industry. 

Now this might sound like a ridiculous notion but the idea is to only purchase items that you need and do so from second hand shops, swap clothing with friends or repair items you already have. If there are items that you need that can't be obtained these ways, such as underwear, then try and source your clothing from sustainable brands using biodegradable materials that wont damage the planet. 
So here is my most recent second hand purchase. A brand new midi-skirt that would retail at around $90NZD or £45. I managed to pick it up for just $3/£1.50. I absolutely love it and can see it lasting me a long time. 

How will you contribute to #XR52? 

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