2 Amazing Plastic Free Shower Essentials You Need To Try

One great thing about being in New Zealand is trying out brands I've never heard of. One that I was raving about on Instagram was the Only Good Hair and Body Bar which not only had great, plastic free packaging but also smelt amazing and left my hair and body feeling silky smooth. Once this ran out I wanted to try something new. 

A lot of NZ is small rural towns that don't have much in the way of being able to purchase plastic free bathroom products so it was something that I planned with almost military precision. I had my eyes set on trying out some Dirty Hippy products and planned exactly which store I would buy them from as they are only available in certain areas. Low and behold when I got 
round to visiting the store, it was closed. Luckily, they are not the only shampoo bar brand on the market.

I instead found the local stockist of the Ethique shampoo bars and chose this one for damaged frizzy hair as I'm feeling like mine needs some real TLC at the moment. It is plastic free, palm oil free, cruelty free, made from natural products AND comes in compostable packaging. What more could you want? This is one of, if not the best shampoo bar I have used. My hair doesn't feel greasy afterwards and feels super smooth, which is a bonus as I am not using any type of conditioner at the moment. I'm also a huge fan of the fact that the box tells you that buy purchasing this shampoo bar, you have saved yourself from buying 3 plastic bottles of shampoo. What a great way to give yourself a little eco ego boost. 

Another item I have been using is the Eco Store lemongrass soap. Once again, it's plastic free, cruelty free, GE Free, Vegan and made from all natural products. I cannot tell you how amazing it smells. It leaves me feeling and smelling so fresh. I will definitely consider repurchasing this when I've run out. Eco Store have a wide range of beauty and cleaning products that are eco friendly and made from all natural products. They aren't always plastic free which isn't the best but they are available in most supermarkets, which provides an easy eco swap.

I like how relatively easy it has been to find plastic free shower staples here and cannot wait to eventually try out more brands. 

What are you favourite plastic free staples at the moment?

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  1. these products sound great, I love the Friendly soap soap bars ,they are amazing x



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