5 Must See Netflix Documentaries about Sustainability

Do you ever feel like you have 'finished' Netflix? I often feel like this and then every now and again I stumble upon a hidden gem. Here are 5 hidden gems you might not have seen yet and they're all documentaries about sustainability.

1. Cowspiracy looks at how factory farming and the meat industry are using up the Earth's natural resources and why this had been ignored by many environmental groups for a really long time. It will make you want to turn vegan overnight. Seriously though, it will make you really think about the food that you eat. 

2. A Plastic Ocean. This documentary looks at the fragile state of the oceans that has been created by human activity. It highlights the catastrophic issue of plastic filled seas and provides solutions on what we can do to stop it. 

3. Our Planet is David Attenborough's  latest documentary. It takes the same style as his previous documentaries Blue Planet and Planet Earth but focuses more on how human activity has destroyed  the planet many animals' habitats. 

4. The True Cost is a must see if you are concerned about the impact of fast fashion. It particularly looks at the human impact on those in the garment industry that product high street clothing.

5. Minimalism. I spoke about this documentary in my recent beginner's guide to minimalism. This documentary looks at how you can find meaning and happiness in life by living a life with less. 

On the Watchlist: Sustainable, Before the Flood

Do you have any documentary recommendations?

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