2019 Goal Update

Can someone PLEASE tell me how we're already half way through the year? Jeez it's gone by so quickly but what better time to have a wee look at the goals I set myself at the beginning of the year and see how far I've come with them. 

1. Live More Sustainably. Well at the beginning of the year I travelled 11,000 miles by plane to come to New Zealand so I guess that wasn't really a great start. Also, as I've mentioned before, living sustainably in NZ is pretty hard if you're not staying in a city. However, I will say that I am so much more aware and determined to be better than I was last year. I am continuing to do my bit and that's what counts. 

2. Go Vegan. Again, I kind of feel like I keep going backwards with this. I am vegetarian but I have had the occasional piece of fish from the chippy because the veggie options in NZ are pretty rubbish, it's just vegetable burgers all round. However, I will push myself to stop doing this because there's no better way to save fish than to stop eating it. I have also made myself a rule that if I eat out and there's a vegan option available, I have to have this rather than the standard veggie option. I am also trying to cook myself more vegan meals. We're getting  there. 

3. Start a History Blog. YES! I have not failed this one. I have finally set up my history website and you can find it here www.lookingbackathistory.com

4. Read More Books. As always this one is going not so well. I finished the Handmaid's Tale and I loved it. I tried to start The Magic Mountain but I couldn't get into it so I did the logical thing of just not reading that book or any other book. But alas, I have joined the local library and I'm reading The Farm. Just to finish it now. Leave any book recommendations in the comments!

5. Take More Photos. I have taken so many photos this year. Like so many. I'm also actively taking steps to improve my photography. 

6. Blog More. I'd say I've made a decent effort at trying to blog more, don't you? It's also so much easier now I have my photographer, I mean Boyfriend back by my side. 

And that's it. Not doing bad. Not doing great. Pretty standard. 

Unexpected Achievements: Travelled half way across the world on my own, first alone flight, first long haul flight, improved my swimming, swam in the sea for the first time, lots of hikes, kiwifruit picking (I expected to hate it)

How are your goals going this year?

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