4 Days in Outfits

Today I thought I'd share some outfits that I've been wearing recently with you, that is of course when I've not been working. You'll see that I wear a lot of the same items as I'm kind of living off a capsule travel wardrobe at the moment. I'm also wearing as many layers as possible as it's pretty cold here in Ohakune. You'll see lots of pieces that I've had for years and some charity shop finds as well as some recent new purchases that I got before I decided to 100% give up fast fashion for a year. Without further ado, here's 4 days in outfits.

Day 1: Old Zara Shirt // &Other Stories Jumper // Old Urban Outfitters Jeans

I wore this outfit just to hang out and go for a coffee. I bought the &Other Stories jumper just after Christmas with a voucher I received as a gift. I really wanted a decent quality jumper that would last me a while. Thinking about it, if I'd have done more research and considered it more, I could have bought one from a more sustainable brand and one that's made out of natural fibres but I do also think that may have been outside my budget. But low and behold I love it and wear it constantly.

Day 2: &Other Stories Jumper // Old Zara Culottes 
Day 2 is just my 'lounging around the house after working for six days' outfit featuring my super comfy culottes and again a cosy knit. 

 Day 3: Charity Shop turtle neck and skirt // Primark Cardigan
This is what I wore to go to the National Army Museum. I have been obsessed with this skirt ever since I found it in a charity shop last year. The cardigan was my last 'fast fashion' purchase before I came travelling but I have actually worn it quite a lot. 

Day 4: &Other Stories Jumper // Primark Culottes
On day 4 I chose this outfit to go for a lakeside walk and spending the day enjoying myself before going back to work. After a lot of deliberation, I decided to buy these culottes for Christmas Party Season. I was annoyed at myself for buying into fast fashion especially just for the sake of a Christmas outfit but I have ended up wearing them quite a lot and they have even made it into my capsule wardrobe for the year. That must mean something?

What outfits have you been wearing recently?


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