Reconnecting With Nature

 With the current climate crisis it's easy to get caught up in trying to change your lifestyle and help save the planet. Whilst doing this, sometimes it can be easy to lose focus on the reasons why you are trying to make a difference.
When reading Every Woman's Guide to Saving the Planet by Natalie Isaacs, she mentioned that reconnecting with nature is important in your sustainability journey. Getting outside in the forest, or heading to the beach and hanging out in the sea can have amazing therapeutic effects but it is also a fantastic tool for reminding yourself of what you are trying to protect.
For me, seeing how beautiful and pristine nature is really motivates me on my sustainability journey. It also allows you to see the devastating human impact that humans are having on the planet. On this particular walk, we wandered around the forest which neighbours a river. When we reached the river, we found a plastic bag that had been dumped. On a different day, we headed to the Craters of the Moon, a geothermal walkway in Taupo only to find that other visitors had thrown their plastic and glass bottles into the craters. 
Both seeing how beautiful nature is and how easily it is damaged by human selfishness really motivates me to try and make a difference. Maybe we should all be reconnecting with nature to relish in the beauty of our planet and to realise its fragility. 

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