A Year Without Buying New Clothes

You might remember that around this time last year, I made a vow that I would try and avoid purchasing new clothing. The fashion industry contributes approximate 1.2 billion tonnes of green house gases per year which is more than that contributed by all international flights and maritime shipping (source). 

For the past 11 months, I have tried my best to only purchase clothes from second hand shops and ethical stores and avoid fast fashion completely. I will admit there have been some slip ups but here is a full list of the clothes I have bought in the past year. 

Second Hand
  • 1 x jumper
  • 2 x thermal tops
  • 1 x thermal bottoms
  • 1 x turtle neck 
  • 1 x midi skirt
  • 1 x shorts
Fast Fashion
  • 1 x workout trousers
  • Underwear 
  • Socks
  • 1 x thermal bottoms 
  • 1 x shorts 

The first thing to note of my yearly purchases is the amount. Previously, my blog was full of hauls and posts about new items that I had bought. In the past year I have bought less than 20 things. Usually, I would have bought that in one haul! 

All of the items that I purchased from fast fashion outlets were all necessary items that I had been unable to purchase second hand. I could have purchased these things from sustainable brands but when trying to save money, forking out £30 for a single pair of knickers wasn't exactly sensible. 

Across both lists, there are only three items (2 x shorts and skirt) were things that I actually wanted to buy whilst the rest were pieces I needed to replace old irreparable clothes or items I needed to see me through the winter. 

I am very happy with my progress and am looking forward to carrying on with my sustainable fashion journey.  

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