An Ode to My Former Wardrobe

14 months ago I hopped on a plane (or two) to sunny New Zealand, leaving most of my wardrobe behind. I packed my favourite items into my backpack and off I went. Not long after starting my trip I declared that I would try not to purchase any new clothes for a whole year to keep my wardrobe sustainable (and it went pretty well). After 14 months of wearing the same pieces, I have to admit I am getting quite bored. Most of my capsule wardrobe consists of 3 colours: black, white, rusty orange so it's fairly easy to mix and match my pieces but I am longing for some change, particularly as my style continues to evolve. 

I miss my pink cords, my favourite blue denim jeans that I wore constantly. I want my abundance of oat coloured jumpers and my favourite customised blazer. I have developed a real appreciation for the wardrobe that I left behind and find myself styling outfits that I will wear when I return home. I am so used to wearing the same outfits that some of my old pieces seem like a distant memory. I am still not entirely sure if I do actually own a pair of black skinny jeans or if I made it up in my head. I guess I will find out when I am reunited with my former wardrobe. 

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