8 Female Hosted Podcasts to Listen to When You Want to Feel Motivated and Inspired

I don't know about you but all I am obsessed with podcasts at the moment. They are all I listen to, especially when I am working. But rather than listen to podcasts that simply fill the time and provide me with some background noise, I'm opting for ones that leave me feeling motivated and inspired. From activism to self confidence, I'm listening to it ALL.

Here's my top 8 podcasts to listen to when you want to feel inspired and motivated and what's even better is that they are all hosted by female presenters. 

Gurls Talk  presented by Adwoa Aboah. This is probably my favourite podcast at the moment. Learning from her personal experiences with mental health, activist and supermodel Adwoa Aboah founded Gurls Talk - a judgement free platform for women to share their own experiences. On this podcast you can expect to hear people talk about their experiences of various situations from sexuality and confidence to grief and depression - no topic is too taboo for this podcast. I particularly love the 'Gurls Take Action' section of the podcast where the guest provides listeners with an action that they can do to make a difference. 
Favourite Episodes: With Afua Hirsch, Migration & Choosing Love, How to Live with Loss ft. Professor Green

How to Fail with Elizabeth Day Another absolute favourite of mine is How to Fail. In this podcast Elizabeth Day invites various celebrities to discuss their failures. The premise of the podcast is discussing learning how to fail and what this has taught us about figuring out how to succeed - essentially finding the positives in the negative experiences in life. 

Nobody Panic Presented by Stevie Martin & Tessa Coates If you are desperately bumbling through life and feel like you need a tutorial in adulthood then Nobody Panic is for you. It's essentially a how to guide of how to do everything you think you should already know. Like how to make small talk, how to concentrate and how to deal with the news without crying (help) - it's everything you need to know. I have pretty much been binge listening to this since January and I'm STILL NOT BORED. 
Favourite Episodes: How to Break Up with Fast Fashion, How To Believe in Yourself, How to Understand Wine (fun fact: I listened to this whilst harvesting pinot noir grapes in New Zealand during lockdown how suave...but also who actually understands what a youthful wine is?????)

Might Delete Later Presented by Gina & Stevie Martin I spent the latter half of 2019 praying that Gina Martin would bring out a podcast and low and behold 2020 did not disappoint (well not on that front anyway).  In Might Delete Later Stevie & Gina chat to their guests about their social media presence discussing their first posts, best posts and worst posts. Sounds a bit trivial on the surface but they usually get into some relatively ~deep~ topics. 
Favourite Episodes: Nish Kumar, Phil Wang, Rose Matafaeo

Slay in Your Lane presented by Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené In this recent discovery Yomi & Elizabeth look at recent news topics and popular culture to provide their opinions and insights. The two are also Award Winning authors of their book by the same title and have put out some bonus episodes on how to write and publish a book which is worth a listen for all budding authors. 

Fringe of It presented by Olivia Purvis & Charlotte Jacklin Liv and Charlotte describe The Fringe of It as "two out of touch early grandma's navigating through millennial life & watching a lot of TV". Expect to here all about what the two have been reading, eating, watching and buying as well as their takes on topics such a money, exercise and body image. 

Power Hour hosted by Adrienne Herbert. In this weekly podcast, Adrienne talks to various coaches, change makers, and creatives, discussing their habits, routines and rules to live by in addition to chatting about how they worked towards their success. I can guarantee that each episode will leave you feeling motivated to incorporate new habits and make positive changes to your life. 

The Guilty Feminist hosted by Deborah Frances-White. After hearing Deborah Frances-White talk on the How to Fail Podcast, I knew that I would love The Guilty Feminist. In this hilarious podcast chatting about feminism in day to day life, confessing their insecurities, hypocrisies and fears relating to feminism. This is all I want to listen to at the moment because it makes me laugh so much whilst also making me feel better about myself for not being a perfect feminist. 
Favourite Episodes: Exercise, Women's Magazines, Dating

What podcasts have you been loving lately?



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