How I Offset My Carbon Emissions for 1 Year with anothertee - AD

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The Climate Crisis is currently one of the biggest threats faced by humanity and it's our job, particularly in the western world, to try and do something about it. Carbon offsetting is a popular way compensate and counteract for your carbon footprint. Usually, the best way to do this is to make some kind of investment in a project that will reduce emissions equivalent to those you create. What if I told you that you could do this buy purchasing a climate neutral t-shirt?

London based creative company, 20something have recently launched another tee which offsets the carbon emissions of the average European individual. The idea behind another tee is to popularise offsetting our carbon emissions and make it more accessible to everyday person.


How do they do it?

The average individual in the EU creates approximately 7000kg of carbon emissions per year. For every £39 t-shirt that's purchased, the company plants 24 mangroves. Mangroves 5 times more effective at sequestering carbon than tropical land forests and are able to able to absorb around 308kg of carbon throughout its lifetime. By planting these mangroves, it will offset the carbon created by the average person in the EU for a year.

Alternatively, if you are able to do so, you can pay £3600 which plants 4600 mangroves and will offset your carbon emissions for life. However, the team at anothertee are aware this isn't accessible for all hence why they offer the ability to offset yearly instead.

The t-shirt itself is super comfy and of course carbon neutral too. T-shirts are 100% Indian combined cotton and are made in facilities powered by renewable green energy and are made to order, meaning no excess produce that could potentially end up in landfill. Production also undergoes annual audits  in order to comply with the Fair Wear Foundation code of labour practices which suggests that the factories are also ethical.

If you're thinking of trying to offset your carbon emissions but not sure how, anothertee is a great starting point and you get a carbon neutral t-shirt to remind you of a green action you have taken!



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