The Best Places to Shop Secondhand Online

ginger haired woman wearing second hand shirt, knitted vest, black trousers
Full outfit is from charity shops except Doc Martens

We've just entered lockdown 2.0 and can no longer head to our favorite secondhand shops to find some new gems for our wardrobes but more importantly, our local charity shops won't be making much money since they have had to close. Did you know that you can shop secondhand from the comfort of you're own bed? Many charity shops and vintage stores now have online shops that you can buy from but not many people know about it. Here's my ultimate guide to online secondhand shops!

Charity Shops


From secondhand clothes and accessories to ethical homeware and gifts, Oxfam's online shop has it all. They stock an amazing range of vintage clothes as well as a lovely range of Christmas gifts and decorations. Not everything on their site is secondhand but all new items are ethically sourced. 


Sense is a charity aiming to help those living with complex disabilities. They have an amazing Ebay shop which stocks clothes, books, homeware, DVDs and more. 


Secondhand items from the Scope charity shops are available to buy through either their Ebay or Depop shops. They have some really cool stock available including film cameras and guitars.

British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation also have an Ebay shop selling secondhand items as well as a on online Christmas shop which stocks Christmas cards, face masks and diaries. They also have a Charity Shop Challenge where they are challenging people to buy at least 1 preloved item as a gift this Christmas.

Air Ambulance

You can support the Air Ambulance Service by shopping their second hand clothes and accessories online via Ebay and Depop.

Cancer Research 

Cancer Research sell secondhand and vintage items on Ebay and ASOS Market Place. Everything is super affordable and fairly priced. I like the look of this leather jacket and this amazing jumpsuit.
shopping in a charity shop for second hand clothes


Shelter's online shop has a great mix of secondhand clothes,shoes and furniture along with new Christmas cards and gifts. How amazing is this secondhand yellow Wayfair chair?
Save the Children have a HUGE online shop which includes a selection of secondhand clothes in addition to sustainable gifts and Christmas cards and decorations. They also have an option to receive an donation bag so you can send in your unwanted items. 

British Red Cross

You can support the British Red Cross by shopping on their Ebay which sells pretty much everything from clothes to camera equipment. On the Red Cross website there is another online shop selling new items but the money goes towards the charity. I particularly like their Urban Makers collection - a collaboration with independent artists and creatives who make ethical products, including candles, notebooks and jewellery, and the money goes towards both the charity and the independent makers. 

Vintage Shops


Rokit has always been one of my favourite vintage shops. I remember meticulously planning my visits there whenever I went to London on school trips and we were allowed to explore on our own. It was pretty much the main reason I went on the trips just to explore whatever vintage shops I could find. I bought my amazing deer sweatshirt from there which I still love and an awesome leather skirt which I sadly sent to a charity shop many moons ago.

Beyond Retro

I'm pretty sure everyone has heard of Beyond Retro, I feel like they're the O.G. of vintage shops. I really like they have an option to shop by decade which makes it much easier for me to search for those 70's style gems. 


I bought one of my most prized possessions from Cow and that was my multicoloured blazer. It's a great shop with lots of on trend pieces.  

Vintage Kilo Sale 

I've never been to an actual in person kilo sale before but I really enjoyed perusing the online version. It's super easy and the clothes are all very reasonably priced. 


Waiste Vintage have a wonderful selection of pieces, particularly 1970's style dresses!


Depop is obviously an absolute go-to for secondhand and vintage clothes! Make sure you give me a follow to at @amyleehaynes.  

Where are your favourite secondhand shops?



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