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Sustainable Plastic Free Glasses Cleaner by Frugal and Green

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When you start to try and reduce your plastic consumption you start to realise how much plastic consumes your life. This includes your glasses cleaner which always comes in a little plastic bottle, which usually somehow disappears into thin air (probably hiding with all my missing socks) or you end up throwing it away once you've used it all. 

The team over at Frugal and Green have created a plastic free glasses cleaner for all of us spectacle wearing planet lovers. The bottle is made out durable glass and aluminum and as little plastic as possible. The solution itself is also eco-friendly as it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals. 
How Does it Work?
You simply fill the bottle with water and pop in one of the little blue tabs and watch it dissolve. Once it's fully absorbed into the water, simply use it like you would any other glasses cleaner. 
I've been using it for a little while now and it really does the job. You know that feeling of when you clean your glasses and put them back on and suddenly, you can actually see again. It gives you that feeling every time. 
Suitable for All Lenses
Whether you want to use this on your prescription glasses and sunglasses or non-prescription lenses - it is suitable and wont cause any damage to coated lenses.
Lasts for 5 Years?
You receive 50 tabs for 50 refills which Frugal and Green suggest should last you about 5 years. With the kit being approximately £25 it makes it great value for money in the long run. Although it must be noted that not everyone would be able to make that initial investment but if you can, it's a fantastic idea. 

If you're always looking for more sustainable and plastic free solutions, I'd recommend checking out Frugal and Green for a more environmentally friendly glasses cleaning option. You can sign up on their website to be notified when the product officially goes on sale!

What other plastic free swaps have you discovered lately?
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