Easy Sustainable Beauty Swaps


The photo shows a small jar of deodorant balm stacked on top of a large jar of hair butter. In front is a red lipstick with a brown wooden lid.

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I was challenged by Counter Culture to make some sustainable beauty switches for their #JustOneSwitch campaign. 

Did you know that the average person uses around 12-16 different beauty products per day? If we made just one or two simple switches to more environmentally friendly and sustainable products, it could have a huge impact on the planet. 

Whilst I do try my best to use sustainable beauty products with minimal plastic packaging where possible, they are often difficult to find and are sometimes quite expensive. This is one of the many reasons why I love Counter Culture - they are an online sustainable and ethical beauty store that makes is so much easier to be able to find and buy your sustainable beauty products all in one place. 

I chose 3 sustainable alternative products to replace the conventional products I had been using. This is what I chose and how I got on with the products. 

The photo shows a red lipstick with the lid/applicator balanced on the tube. The label reeds Aura-Lotus.

Aura-Lotus Lip Bloom in the Shade Velvet Cherry  is an all natural and plastic free matte lipstick. I've always loved a red lip but I've often found that sustainable versions are both hard to come by and quite expensive. This is a great affordable option which looks amazing. It's lightweight, moisturising and long lasting - three features that I look for in a lipstick. A bonus is that it smells amazing too. 

The picture shows a small brown jar containing a white deodorant balm

Starest Cedarwood and Bergamont Deodorant Balm  I've tried a few different plastic free deodorants before and have never really been that impressed and ultimately I went back to aerosols for the convenience. However, I have fallen in love with this deodorant balm. You simply scoop out a peasized amount and smooth into your underarms. When using this I have noticed I am significantly less stinky. I now much prefer this natural deodorant to aerosols and can imagine that it will last me quite a long time too.

The photo shows a large jar of hair butter with the silver metal lid placed next to it. On top of the lid is a wooden comb. The label on the jar reads Starest Hair Butter.

Starest Nourishing Hair Butter I'm all about embracing my natural waves so maintaining my hair's moisture is a must for me. This is a really light hair butter so there's no need to worry about it weighing down your hair.  It contains Shea butter, active botanical and nutrient rich plant oils to help repair, strengthen dry, brittle and damaged hair. I love using this product as it leaves my hair feeling nourished and less frizzy. It comes in a huge pot for only £9.99 so quite affordable. 

If you didn't know already - Counter Culture are a new online ethical and sustainable beauty store trying to make it easier for consumers to shop more ethically and with the environment in mind. The store also champions female founders and independent boutique brands that are working to drive change within the beauty industry.

Their #JustOneSwitch campaign encourages people to make one simple switch to help make more eco-friendly and conscious choices when it comes to beauty and self-care. If we all made Just One Switch, it would have such a significant impact. 

You can get 10% off your first order when made before 30th November 2021 with the code AMYLEEHAY10


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