5 Simple Ways to Build a Sustainable Wardrobe

A woman with ginger hair and glasses standing in front of a brick wall. She is wearing a rust colour cord blazer, a cream silky shirt and black velvet skirt with black tights and black dr martens chelsea boots

Trying to introduce sustainability into our wardrobes can be a daunting process. The first thing that often springs to mind when we think of sustainable fashion is ditching your fast fashion filled wardrobe and replacing it more eco friendly brands which aren't always affordable. However, there are plenty more simple ways to build a sustainable that don't cost a penny. 

Wear what you have 
The most sustainable thing you can do when it comes to fashion is to wear what you already own. You don't need to go out and replace all your fast fashion items with sustainable replacements. Give life to what you already have. I find that the best way to do this is to have a try on session and get creative with new outfit ideas to inspire you to keep rewearing what's already hung up.  

Care for your Clothes
By caring for your clothes, you are prolonging their lifespan. This allows you to get more wear out your clothes and prevents you from having to replace them regularly. There are plenty of ways you can look after what's in your wardrobe including washing it correctly and making repairs to damaged clothing. Check out my Ultimate Guide to Caring for your Clothes for more tips!

Donate/sell/pass on clothes no longer worn
There will come times when you fall out of love with certain pieces of clothing and that's okay - there's no point in letting it sit in your wardrobe if you have no intention of wearing it again. If it's time to say goodbye to a particular piece, pass it on. I'd recommend offering your unloved clothing to friends and family or try selling on Depop or Vinted before sending it to the charity shop. Did you know that not all clothing that is donated to charity shops is sold in the UK? A large portion of it is shipped elsewhere around the globe, particularly developing countries. So if you are able to, try and use charity shops as a last resort. I have a full guide on what to do with your unwanted clothes over on House 21.

Shop Secondhand
If you are wanting to add something extra to your wardrobe, consider searching for what you need on secondhand apps like Depop and Vinted (I have some helpful hints and tips for online secondhand shopping!) or head to your local charity shops and vintage stores. This prevents these clothes from going to landfill and also reduces the necessity for new clothes to be produced. The added advantage of this is you can find some real bargains and save yourself some money!

Opt for more sustainable brands where possible
If you are looking to invest in some pieces to add to your wardrobe, try and avoid fast fashion brands, even their supposedly eco or conscious ranges as these tend to just be serious cases of green washing. Instead try and opt for more sustainable brands, small/local brands and independent businesses.

Infographic with a peach coloured background describing entitled "how to build a sustainable wardrobe" in orange. The bullet point list include wear what you already own, look after your clothes, sell or pass on your unwanted clothing, shop secondhand where possible and shop small/independent/local



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