My New Favourite Vegan & Cruelty Free Facial Oil

Amy is a woman with ginger hair wearing a black jumper and holding the  Love Absolute Amoral Vital Daily Facial Oil

A pair of hands holding the Love Absolute Amoral Vital Daily Facial  Oil in one hand and the dropper filled with the oil in the other hand.

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A good facial oil is essential to my skincare routine, particularly at night time to add extra moisture to nourish my skin throughout the night. 

I recently started using the Love Absolute Amoral Vital Daily Facial Oil. A bit of background about Love Absolute - they are a skincare brand that create skincare products from flowers, seeds and oils that help the bees, bats and insects, all of which are essential pollinators in our ecosystem and need protecting at all costs. Love Absolute use ingredients that help support pollinators and produce products that simultaneously care for the environment and your skin. Their unique range of products are packed full of micronutrients and fatty acids, that nourish and revitalise skin.
A bottle of  Love Absolute Amoral Vital Daily Facial Oil with the lid and pipette balanced on the top of the bottle.
The Amoral Vital Daily Facial Oil is made from all English grown, organic and natural ingredients including English Blue Chamomile, Blackcurrant Elderberry and Raspberry seed oils. The oil helps to balance and restore your skin with natural fatty acids, vitamins, micronutrients and antioxidants and is suitable for both sensitive and dry skin conditions. 

I've incorporated this facial oil into my daily routine by adding a few drops onto my hands and massaging it into my skin before bed. I have personally enjoyed using this facial oil as it's hydrating without being too greasy. I have noticed that my skin is more glowy and hydrated and I'm less prone to having dry patches. 
I love being able to nourish my skin with natural ingredients and products that are vegan, cruelty free and in no way harming the environment so will always recommend Love Absolute. 

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