My Sustainable Fashion Goals for 2022

I'm a little bit late in saying this but, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021 was a weird one but we got through it. So far, I've started the year on a positive note and have high hopes for the year ahead. 

Something I have been thinking a lot about recently is my sustainable fashion choices. Whilst last year I only bought only a few new, non-secondhand items, I did shop secondhand a lot last year and oftentimes, it was when I didn't actually need the items. Realising this has made me realise that whilst I'm making a conscious effort to not buy fast fashion, I still purchase quite a lot of clothes that I probably don't need. Whilst I might be doing a good job of not buying from fast fashion brands, my level of consumption is much greater than I would like it to be and, as I am learning more about, our level of consumption is also a huge issue in terms of sustainability. This got me onto thinking about setting some sustainable fashion goals for the year ahead to keep me in check.

1. Keep a Record of What Clothes I Buy - Towards the end of 2021, I saw a lot of people doing overviews of what they had bought that year and it inspired me to want to keep track of the clothes I purchase throughout the year. I'm hoping that in doing this act, it will encourage me to not buy clothes when I don't necessarily need them or if they won't add value to my wardrobe, which brings me onto my second goal.

2. Stop Buying As Much - Something that I have realised it that, I can go into a charity shop and see something that I like that's in my size and walk out the door without purchasing it. Just because I like something it doesn't mean I have to buy it. Groundbreaking right? There's something about secondhand shopping that makes it feel like fate when you see some beautiful dress that's in your size, you kind of feel like you have to buy it. I want a more curated wardrobe that's full of clothes that I love rather than clothes that I bought because it seemed like fate at the time but don't actually wear. 

3. Conduct a Wardrobe Audit - Only I can make a massive clothes-trying-on session sounds like a boring administrative task. Every now and then I think it's smart to have a day where you try on every single piece of clothing that you own. Yes, that's right. Every. Single. Item. Well, maybe not all your socks but you get the picture. By doing this, you fall back in love with pieces that were stuffed at the back of your wardrobe or thought were unflattering. It helps you to find more ways to wear your clothes and makes you feel inspired by your own stuff. 

4. Re-wear. Re-wear...and re-wear again! - I'm an outfit repeater and I'm not ashamed to admit that. If you're a long time follower of my blog then you will know this! However, in 2022, I want to make sure that I do this more often. I don't want to buy more clothes for specific occasions or feel like I need to buy more clothes. I want to appreciate what I already have and I'm hoping that my wardrobe audit will help me achieve this 

5. Invest? Oh yes, well...invest! (If you got the quote then hats off to your my friend and if not then watch this) - I'm good at shopping secondhand but something that I'm not so good at is investing in forever pieces. Having always been a thrifty shopper, spending a large amount of money on a singular piece of clothing does scare me a little bit. I have never really bought an expensive, made to last piece of clothing. Even all my Dr Martens have either been passed down to me or been given to me as a birthday/Christmas gift (which I acknowledge is a privilege). Going forward, if I need to replace something in my wardrobe, I want to consider if investing in a higher quality option from a sustainable brand that would last me years and years (hopefully) would be a better use of my money, not to mention a much better option for the planet. 

I'm hoping that by setting these goals they can keep me on track of maintaining a sustainable wardrobe and keep my consumption levels in check. 

What are your goals for 2022?



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