Four Ways to Shop Sustainably This Christmas

With less than one month to go until Christmas, you're probably starting to think about shopping for gifts for your loved ones. Here are my top three tips on how to shop more sustainably this Christmas: 

1. Shop Secondhand 
I'm always an advocate for secondhand shopping and this includes Christmas gifts. There are so many potential gift options in charity shops and antique stores as well as online on Ebay and Vinted. And many things are brand new.
2. Shop Local 
Christmas is the perfect time to support your local independent shops and they are an ideal place to discover unique gifts whilst also supporting the local economy. 

3. Shop Independent
If you can't find what you're looking for in your local indie shops, check out small businesses online. Etsy is a haven for independent businesses and your guaranteed to be abled to find the perfect gift. Some of my favourite independent businesses are: &Chai, Taylor and Lucas, Illumine Candles and Helen of Troy Boutique.

4. Quality Over Quantity 
Around half of UK adults say they received unwanted gifts each year and approximately 19% of all unwanted gifts end up in landfill. Instead of buying lots of gifts you *hope* someone might like, why not buy one/a few gifts you know they will absolutely love. I tend to only buy people things they have specifically asked for or things I know they definitely like. 



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