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You and me always and forever!!

I have been sunbathing today and have kind of got sunburnt which is bad because I have a strapless prom dress for Thursday so it shall look ridiculous but most people shall be the same I think. Stay tunes for prom posts!! x


Today I got 2 packs of tea from Tesco for 75p each! I didn't like the peppermint green tea I once bought so I hope this is different but the camomile one smells really bad so I am worried. Hopefully I shall like them both. This was a really boring post. 

Playlist of the week No.2

I did this week's playlist on the back of the paper bag I got my postcard in. I don't actually have the Azealia Banks song on my iTunes, I have only heard it on the radio and TV but I added it to the playlist because it helped me remember what page I was on in my book (212 if you couldn't guess).


Today I went out with 50p because I'm trying to save up for Edinburgh so I can't spend any money. And I weirdly enough managed to find things that I wanted.  I found the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack in a charity shop for 99p which my mom bought for me. I went to an antique shop and found a cute postcard to go on my wall which was 50p.  This is me today when I got back with supposedly straight hair. Don't know what happened. This is Nancy not wanting her photo taken. Here is me with my sonic screwdriver not wanting to revise. I wont really be posting much as I am immensely busy over the next few weeks because I've got exams, my friend's party next week, leaving school, prom and even more exams but I promise to try and squeeze in the odd post every so often.

Playlist of the week no.1

So I have had a lot of inspiration from  and I have decided to do a playlist of the week! My future playlists will probably be hand drawn not done on the computer like this one and may be themed so keep looking!  

Waiting for August

In August I am going to the Cropedy (I think that's how you spell it) festival with my friend for a few days and hopefully (oh so hopefully) I am going to the Fringe festival in Edinburger. Today after all the revision I have done I decided to make a list of things that I need to take with me and included a few pictures from the latest company magazine (the wellies and the girl) because I lack artistic skills as you can tell from the picture of what is supposed to be shorts and knee high socks. I am getting really excited for these festivals because when I get to go it will mean all my exams for this year are over YAY!! I should find out tonight whether I can go to Edinburgh. The only problem is is that I get back from Cropedy on the 12th and I will have to go to my sister's on the same day and go do Fringe fest the next day. If I can go it will be a hectic 2 weeks.  Keep  our fingers crossed guys and hope that I can go!  What festivals are you going to this

Blog Issues

Okay so I was stupid the other day and got Google+ and deleted the album of pictures named 'Blog photos' and to my surprise all my photos disappeared off my blog! AHHHH! It's okay  though because I am going through and re-uploading all my photos just to make my blog look nice. sweet eh?



Manchester haul

So today I went to Manchester to got the rest of my prom stuff. And this is what I got.... Black Creepers- £25.99 from some shop in the Manchester arndale  Nail Varnish in prim and proper- £5 Topshop Moon earrings - £3.50 Topshop sale Hair comb-slidey-thingies - £3.99 - H&M Leaf earrings to match my prom bracelet - £5 - Topshop

Museum Fun

Today I went to my local museum to have a look because I love museums and I thought it seemed a bit weird because it's just down the road but I have never been. I took many photos but I had to sign a form to say that they were for my own personal use (so for projects and photo albums etc.) so I had to kind of promise that I wouldn't put them onto public websites. Unfortunately  this means there are no pictures to show you which is a shame because I photographed this stuffed animal statue thing of a massive python eating a tiger. (you can find pictures on google if you search 'python eats tiger'). Anyway there was a nice blossom tree outside of the museum that was really nice so I took a picture of that! I also bought this herbal tea making kit. Inside are lists of different herbs and where to find them around the park in which the museum is in. You go and pick the ones that you want and them put them in the tea bag supplied in the pack. It was only £1