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Photo Diary: Easter Sunday Walks

I haven't doe a photo diary in a while. I was at home for Easter and a trip home isn't complete without a walk, so I stole my sister's camera and took some snaps. The sky was dark and eerie due to the approaching storm which we got caught in during the last five minutes. It was nice to go home and have a cup of tea and some chocolate.  How did you spend your Easter ? Don't forget to like my Facebook  page and follow me on bloglovin  and instagram: amyleehaynes!

Perfect Fit for Friday: How to Change Your Look from Office to Casual

H&M shirt and boots // Zara Skirt // Primark Waistcoat After a long day at work on a Friday, heading out for a few drinks afterwards is a nice way to relax but you don't always have time to go home and get all glammed up but at the same time, you don't want to be stuck in your formal office wear. I'm going to show you how I would transition my outfit from office appropriate to casual ready with minimal office (if I worked in an office). This might apply to you also if you have to dress smart for college or even uni.  Ready for the Office: For a long day at work you want to look smart and still be comfy as well as having an element of your style in there too. I would always reach for my leather skirt from Zara. Unlike other leather skirts it's a midway between pencil and mini so appropriate for an office environment and the leather makes my look a bit more unique than your standard office wear. I would pair it with a striped shirt such as this one fr

Feeling Sassy

Primark Jumper and Sunglasses // Zara Skirt // Pull & Bear Bag // H&m Rings// Similar Bra Here This is perhaps a different style of post to what I usually do but I quite like it! This is an outfit that I always feel super confident in. I'm not a huge fan of wearing colourful things but, like most bloggers, I do love a good stripe. The best way to add something to a monochrome or all black outfit is texture and I find that the easiest way to do this is a classic leather skirt. I also like to pop on a few rings to complete the look. I usually opt for gold because I am one of the few people that doesn't really like silver accessories.  And finally what better way to make you feel super sexy than to wear a pretty bra? I've been loving this lavender one recently, it's so pretty yet so comfy- the perfect combination. Check out Adore Me  for a great range of sexy undies , I particularly like this set .  For more inspiration, check out the  Adore Me Insta

£1.60 Nude Nails

Yep, you read it right, I have found a great nude nail combo for under £2.  I spotted this little gem in Primark and, though I have not heard great things about their nail polish, I thought at 60p it's worth trying. I picked up a top coat too as it's something I always forget to buy and it was only £1.  First I just popped the Primark PS Quick Dry nail polish in the shade 07 Nude. To say it's only cheap, the brush is pretty good quality as you can tell from the lack of mess that I made (my nails usually look like they've been done by a toddler). It lives up to its name and dries, I'd say within a minute. Once it's dry I slapped on the top coat, which is also quick drying. It made my nails super shiny and made them less likely to chip. I went a whole 4 days without chipping them and when I did, it really was only minimal.  I think this is a dream combo for nude nails. It's a great effortless look for during the week and matches with all of your