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How I Offset My Carbon Emissions for 1 Year with anothertee - AD

{AD - Gifted Product} The Climate Crisis is currently one of the biggest threats faced by humanity and it's our job, particularly in the western world, to try and do something about it. Carbon offsetting is a popular way compensate and counteract for your carbon footprint. Usually, the best way to do this is to make some kind of investment in a project that will reduce emissions equivalent to those you create. What if I told you that you could do this buy purchasing a climate neutral t-shirt? London based creative company, 20something have recently launched another tee which offsets the carbon emissions of the average European individual. The idea behind another tee is to popularise offsetting our carbon emissions and make it more accessible to everyday person.   How do they do it? The average individual in the EU creates approximately 7000kg of carbon emissions per year. For every £39 t-shirt that's purchased, the company plants 24 mangroves. Mangroves 5 times more effectiv

The Best Places to Shop Secondhand Online

Full outfit is from charity shops except Doc Martens We've just entered lockdown 2.0 and can no longer head to our favorite secondhand shops to find some new gems for our wardrobes but more importantly, our local charity shops won't be making much money since they have had to close. Did you know that you can shop secondhand from the comfort of you're own bed? Many charity shops and vintage stores now have online shops that you can buy from but not many people know about it. Here's my ultimate guide to online secondhand shops! Charity Shops Oxfam From secondhand clothes and accessories to ethical homeware and gifts, Oxfam's online shop has it all. They stock an amazing range of vintage clothes as well as a lovely range of Christmas gifts and decorations. Not everything on their site is secondhand but all new items are ethically sourced.  Sense Sense is a charity aiming to help those living with complex disabilities. They have an amazing Ebay shop which stocks clot