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Why It's Good To Take A Break

The other week I headed down to Mudeford, Bournemouth to stay in a beach hut for the weekend for a friend's birthday. Away from roads, towns and shops, it was nice to get away from city life for weekend and take in the beautiful scenery and peaceful sound of the sea.  Whilst I love social media and the internet and spent some of my time over the weekend thinking 'this will make a good instagram post' or 'I need to blog this outfit', it was nice to switch off my phone to save battery due to limited electricity access and just enjoy myself and have a blast with the people I was with. Although I personally see nothing wrong with enjoying using social media and seeing what other people are talking about, sometimes it's nice to just take a break and focus on yourself. In a period where social media essentially controls us, since unfortunately we use it as our main news source and we're constantly updating and perusing channels to see what people are

How To Make Your Own Iced Caramel Latte

The hot weather is finally here but on those warm Summer mornings you don't always want to grab your usual hot coffee because let's face it, it always leaves you feeling like you're burning inside and out and like you're a hot sweaty mess. Ice coffees are perfect for the summer but if you are a bit of a coffee addict and need a daily dose, splashing the cash in Starbucks and Costa everyday can get a tad expensive. I figured out that it's actually pretty easy to make your own iced latte and it will cost you a fraction of the price.  Ingredients: Coffee (I use a standard instant coffee but you can use your preferred coffee) Caramel Syrup if opting for a flavoured coffee Ice Cubes or Whiskey Stones (reusable) Milk of your choice  Method:  1. Make a shot of coffee. Make a black coffee with no sugar in a shot glass. Add more coffee if you like it super strong. Make sure it's all dissolved.  2. Pop it in the freezer. Leave the shot of c

10 Things That I Learnt at Uni

As of last week I have officially finished university. It has gone so quickly and it only seems like yesterday that I was writing up my tips for moving to uni posts but it's been a whole three years. My time at university has been a whole bundle of emotions and not really what I expected it at all. What I can say though is I have learnt a lot and not just academically, though I have developed and achieved a lot in that area too. As uni was coming to an end, I found myself thinking about my university experience a lot more and realising how much I have developed. I have compiled my top 10 things that I have learnt at university of the past three years.  1. University is hard. I am just going to put this out there right away - university is hard  academically, emotionally and physically. Teachers always told me that A-Levels are the hardest part of your academic career but they are so wrong because at uni you have the added pressures of that little thing called adulthood.

Trends to Try in Summer 2017

Image Credit :  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 The warmer weather is finally upon us, thank goodness. However it is getting to that point where choosing an outfit is difficult because we all got so used to it being cold. If you're struggling for ideas, I've drawn up some inspiration for you and some trends to try to keep you looking and feeling cool.  Off the shoulder tops are a good way to show off a bit of skin now that it's warmer. If it's still a tad chilly go for one with long sleeves. Gingham is everywhere at the moment and a good way to add a bit of detail to your wardrobe. If only we'd embraced this pattern when wearing out school summer dresses.  Denim skirts are making a bit of a come back and they look super cool with bare legs and a plain white tee for a minimal off duty look. Pair with chunky sandals to top it off.  Shirt dresses look really smart with trainers or sandals but they are also good cover-ups for at the beach or

5 Goals for May

Where have the months gone, eh? January only seems like yesterday and now it's May! This month is kind of a big month with some exciting things happening including a stag do (yep you read that right), a weekend away, finishing uni and a mini festival. Here's my goals to keep me in check for the month and to make sure I'm staying happy. 1. Ace those last exams. I have my two final exams at the beginning of this month and who knows, they might be the last academic exams I ever do and I'm not sure  how I feel about that. I am pretty worried about them but I want to remain calm and try and ace them.  2. Relax. The end of exams will signify the end of uni and the first of the days where I can lie in, sit around all day and go shopping without feeling like I need to be doing my dissertation or revise. I want to take some time to just enjoy the calm. 3. Make a plan. I will finish uni properly this month so I need to make some kind of plan about careers and what n