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Polka Dot

  New Look Coat  and Bag // Topshop Top  // Charity Shop Jeans // H&M Boots My first outfit post of 2018 and it's a personal fave. I got this top in the post-Christmas sales and it's pretty amazing. I can wear it with anything and spots are having a bit of a thing at the moment. It's a great way to make your outfit more exciting when all you like to wear is black. It's also much lower cut than what I'd usually wear so that's a brave fashion move for me.  I took these photos at St. Mary Redcliffe with my friend, Char to test out her awesome new camera. I really love the shots and it has definitely spurred to learn how to use my own camera so I can get more shots like this on a regular basis. It's just trying to make time to do that, life always gets in the way doesn't it? I can't wait to shoot more pictures in exciting locations this year. If you have an Bristol recommendations, let me know! Facebook |

DIY Distressed Denim

It’s a firm favourite with Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and Rihanna so, with such a strong A-list following, you know it’s a hot trend. To truly personalise your look, why not take up a spot of DIY denim distressing? Dresses retailer QUIZ explains how it’s done: Preparation Preparation is key when distressing your denim — one wrong move with those scissors could lead to you completely ruining your jeans. Your old pair of jeans will need to be clean and dry. Slip them on and work out which areas you want to distress. Pockets, knees and the bum are popular parts to modify, as they are the areas of the jeans that naturally wear and tear. Use chalk to mark out where you want to distress. Ripping You’ll only want to cut one side of your jeans—rips that go through the front and back are a big no-no. To do so, stuff the area you intend on cutting with a magazine or thick piece of cardboard. When cutting, aim to make a diamond shape using cuts of varying lengths. This wi

10 Ways to Beat the January Blues

January is a weird month. We've just spent some time of work indulging in nice food and drink and doing a whole lot of nothing. Now we're back at work and it feels like it's been January forever and payday is just a dream that is still weeks away. I'm writing this on blue Monday and it's safe to say I'm feeling the gloom. The days are still dark, it feels like it has been winter forever and I'm already failing most of my resolutions but it's time to get out of the slump. These are some of my tips for trying to feel a bit better when you've got the January blues.  1. Drink Less. For the most of us, we've spent Christmas and New Year in a drunken haze in the festive spirit of 'be merry'. However, alcohol is not exactly a great mood booster. Now you might not be doing dry January but I think drinking less will significantly improve your mood, especially if you are a regular drinker usually. Take some time off from the ol' sauc

Style Inspiration for the New Year

I don't know about you but I always want to reinvent myself in the new year. I always want to strive to look after my skin, drink more water and, of course for, aim to develop a new and improved sense of style. I thought I'd put together a little series of inspiration of what I'm looking towards in terms of fashion in the new year. I have a constant fear that my fashion choices are too immature and that I look like an overgrown child. My aim, therefore, is to dress a tad more sophisticated. Think crisp white shirts, boxy coats and blazers, tailored trousers and a pair of smart but clunky shoes. Ah the dream. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 What styles are you looking to try in the new year? Facebook | Twitter | Bloglovin | Instagram

6 Goals for 2018

1. Save some more money.  This was on my list of goals for last year and, whilst I did achieve it, I want to save some more money to achieve the plans I have for this year.  2. See the world. So I'm 21 and I've barely seen any of the world. I've been on one holiday to a foreign country in the last 10 years and I only saw the tiniest snippet of it. I want to see the world, experience the culture and of course get away from the UK for a bit.    3.  Keep going to the gym. I did something revolutionary this year and I joined the gym. I hate exercise so it's been a struggle and towards the end of 2017, I've not been motivated. But in the spirit of 'new year, new me', I should probably get back to and try and get some abs instead of flabs.   4. Work on my blog. 2017 was a relatively good year for my blog as I've tried to improve the quality of each post and have worked on various sponsored content. I want to make time to keep blogging and keep impr